Arlin Nusbaum MinistriesArlin is the author of 90 titles (available in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and paperback) and more than 30 websites. Saved from death and hell, he is an advocate for Jesus Christ. Arlin was commissioned by the Lord to shift the misplaced faith of many from an expectation of a coming Antichrist and a temple to be built on Temple Mount (or in Independence, MO), to His soon poured out glory and purifying our temples so we can thrive in the new environment.

He walks in the spirit of his ancestors including the Protomartyr and Reformer the Rev. John Rogers (1505-1555), Sir William Sinclair, builder of Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, Robert de Bruce “the good king,” and others. Arlin shares how he came to know Jesus in his The Christian Writings and Testimonies of Arlin E. Nusbaum.

Q. Where can I find your helps for preparing for the soon coming of Jesus?

A. http://lionandlamb.us/bookstore/coming-glory/


Q. Where can I find your helps for spiritual warfare?

A. www.m2g.live


Q. What can I do to get out from religious bondage?

A. Study The Joy-Filled Way.


Q. What can I do to get out from the influence of deceiving spirits?

A. Read Quickened Within and Tongues.


Q. How can I rid my house and life of spirits?

A.  Read Spirits Among Us.


Q. Where can I find your books on Mormonism?

A. www.zarahemla.info