A Call to be Your Best Self


Don’t deprave yourself of a rich life experience.
Know how to activate the richest states of your being?
Are we a daily cesspool of death and dark emotions?
Or a lightbulb of life, positivity, hope and change?

Do our circumstances define us?
Or do our emotions?

Garbage in, garbage it will be.
Positive in, positivity will stay.
Nothing in, nothing it will be.
We’re our best hypnotist.

Keep it real; learn the tried and true.

Happy people are:

  • kinder
  • more tolerant
  • generous
  • forgiving
  • productive

The pursuit of happiness is, therefore, of greatest import.

Do we surround ourselves with dead thoughts, dead emotions, or spiritually dead people? Life means energy, and energy solves boredom.

Being ignorant of what activates positive energy in us is a crime against humanity, for it denies the world of each person’s uniqueness, which cannot shine properly without the energy that positivity brings.

Every person IS an influencer, not just those who claim it.

We are more than flesh and bones; our souls exist in that dimension that knows no bounds and can pass through walls. Thus, ALL people ARE influencing ALL that exists, when we’re asleep and when we’re awake!

We’re going to walk through each day until our time is up, so why not do it in a positive way?