God WILL Reveal Himself – Soon

To all the hate-baters out there who dare to question God’s prophets and His servant Donald Trump, this is a forewarning of what will soon be a reality for everyone, viz. that:

  1. God is real
  2. God is just
  3. Hell is real
  4. His prophets are real
  5. Forgiveness is available
  6. Donald Trump IS God’s servant
  7. The United States IS covered by the faith and promises of past Saints and martyrs

I penned numerous books detailing what will happen when God’s glory and presence descend; they may be found here: Coming Glory, and for a to-the-point treatise read: D5 – His GLORY Shall APPEAR To Your JOY And To Their SHAME: Heaven Is Coming To Earth: As Heaven Is, Earth Will Become.


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