Greatest Hoax On Earth

For when they shall say, PEACE and SAFETY
as travail upon a woman with child
~1 Thessalonians 5:3~

The latest hopium making the rounds in the echo chamber of the deceived is a film by Nick Alvear from Good Lion Films (& FilmSentient; Executive Producers: Alpha Soni, Zane Edward, Clay Early, and the Ullrams) based on the work of Dereck Johnson, with the implied director “GOD”:

Accuracy of timing is more important than accuracy of content. Nick is partially responsible for the content and wholly accountable for the timing.


“This powerful documentary from Good Lion Films, produced and written by Nick Alvear, shares the Cabal takedown from the 2016 election to the capitulation tour of President Donald J. Trump, Covid-19, the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s funeral, J6 setup, and how the continuity of government through the current events taking place will usher in the greatest time ever known on earth.”

The underlying premise is that “good guys” are in full control and everything is playing out according to an elaborate plan. The suffering that’s been allowed to take place by them is required in order to get people to “see” how wicked Deep State operatives are, including educators, health care professionals, religionists, NGOs, bankers, governments both foreign and domestic, politicians, etc.

Also currently being echoed is the premise that “they” must “inform” the victims before they act as a type of karmic canceling clause. But what’s really going on is they’re just informing their fellow members who number in the millions around the globe (victims of the Maui fires were not forewarned).

What’s worse? Actual Deep State operatives, or an internet full of “deep thinkers” who need to demonstrate their mental prowess with assumed logic to explain what’s going on at every turn—always in a positive way? Without naming names, there are big egos fulfilling the roles of deceivers and false prophets who think what they’re doing is innocent and they won’t be held accountable if they’re wrong and include:

  • psychics (spiritual insiders)
  • ex-military, special forces, 3 letter agencies (military insiders)
  • prophets (“God” insiders)
  • entrepreneurs (financial insiders)
  • political apologists (Trump did nothing wrong)

The truth is as stated in my book EXODUS, Trump was America’s last chance and he and his supporters did go forth with all their might to tackle the wicked on many fronts and did much good, but in the end, he, with his advisors, did not finish the race, and failed to secure the election by any legal means.

The analogy of the snake that President Trump was fond of sharing, it turns out, was largely about him being sabotaged by his ego. He allowed the election to be taken despite knowing full well the kind of people they were and what they would do once in power.

There were other ways to “show” the public the truth about the Deep State. The condition of this world will continue to get worse up to the Mark and the Beast just as John the Revelator prophesied. So prepare yourself for what will soon be here and seek out prophets who are speaking that reality, not “Trump/white hats/military/etc” will save us and all will be fine.

For bread makers, dot connectors, and the like, do honest assessments—SHARE ALL COMMS not just the ones that support your preconceived notions. Like this recent one by Trump:

“I’ll tell you, if we don’t get back, I REALLY BELIEVE THIS COUNTRY IS FINISHED. I REALLY BELIEVE IT…” (3:38:07)