Life and Death

There are two lives, and two deaths. The first life is when the soul is born. The second life is when our mortal bodies are born.

The first death is the mortal body. The second potential death is for those who choose to go to Hell.

With all the physical deaths since COVID, I prayed and asked God the Father what He felt about all the death and He replied:

My children are coming home who chose Me.

Are we to fear both deaths? Yes, but more the second than the first. Find comfort in knowing:

  • There is a soul.
  • The soul survives physical death.
  • Every soul that chose God in all His names, i.e., “Love” “Truth” “Righteousness” “Brotherly Kindness” “Virtue” etc. will survive and instantly find themselves in another world that is MORE REAL than our current world. And God, the father of our souls, will welcome each person with open arms.

Weep not for the physically dead, weep only for those who chose spiritual death.