New Logo Symbol

Visitors have noticed a new symbol on this website and several of my books and have inquired about its meaning. Readers may recall the connection between the Star of David, the open Bible, and a flame of fire in my previous symbol, and know what each of those meant; they are true and as valid as ever:

  • The star is God’s symbol and represents the interaction between humans and the Godhead
  • The Bible represents God’s Word, which are the actual “Words of Life”
  • When we read God’s Word, it sparks a living flame in our hearts

The new symbol represents the same points but is unique to this ministry:

  • The overall shape is an “A” which stands for “Almighty” which can be written within the symbol
  • The lower half is the letter “M,” and so it goes
  • The overall shape is God’s throne, God sitting at the top, and His presence flowing down to us
  • The inner, downward “v” of the M is the inner interaction of God’s Spirit within our hearts (previously represented as a flame)
  • The upper part of the “A” represents our reaching up, i.e., our arms reaching Heavenward

This symbol is conducive to a glory-filled environment, and the soon poured out Spirit of God that has been prophesied (viz. A Higher Form of Existence, Cut Short in Righteousness, The World With God, Millennial Dawn, The Return, The Age of Illumination, etc.):





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