New Logo Symbol

Visitors have noticed a new symbol on this website and on several of my books and have inquired about its meaning. Readers may recall the connection between the Star of David, the open Bible, and a flame of fire in my previous symbol, and know what each of those meant; they are true and as valid as ever:

  • The star is God’s symbol and represents the interaction between humans and the Godhead
  • The Bible represents God’s Word, which are the actual “Words of Life”
  • When we read God’s Word, it sparks a living flame in our soul

The new symbol represents the same points but is unique to this ministry:

  • The overall shape is an “A” which stands for “Almighty” which can be written within the symbol itself
  • The lower half is the letter “M” and so it goes
  • The overall shape is God’s throne with God sitting at the top and His presence flowing down to us
  • The inner downward “v” of the M is the inner interaction of God’s Spirit within our soul (previously represented as a flame)
  • The upper part of the “A” represents our reaching up, i.e., our arms reaching towards Heaven

This symbol is conducive to a glory-filled environment and the soon poured out Spirit of God that has been prophesied (viz. A Higher Form of Existence, Cut Short in Righteousness, The World With God, Millennial Dawn, The Return, The Age of Illumination, etc.).