Next Wave – Pastor Mike Thompson – 2-6-20

It was a wonderful message the prophet and pastor Mike Thompson received on February 6, 2020, and delivered via YouTube the following day (transcript to follow with comments). For those not familiar with Brother Thompson, he was one of the first to prophesy publicly that Donald Trump would become president, and that he was on God’s errand.

The angel encounter with Michael that Brother Thompson cites below confirms many things and requires a broader framework, which Michael sought to draw Brother Thompson’s view. His angel encounter with Michael happened back in 2013, which set him and his wife on a path to prepare themselves and others for what lies ahead.

No doubt their having seven years to prepare was both meaningful to them and in line with God’s timing for so many things. In short, Brother Thompson was shown that future time when God’s Spirit will be poured out in a greater measure than any time before. He marveled that despite its great outpouring, evil resurfaced again and again. “How could this be,” he wondered, and rightly so.

There are many things about which Christians have but an elementary understanding that if they understood at a greater depth would better prepare them for that which is to come. First off, the “Spirit” that will be poured out in a greater measure than any time before is not more of the Holy Ghost, but the pure, direct, Spirit of Almighty God (see the Heavenly encounter by Percy Collett who was taught this by the Lord Himself).

Part of the reason “spirit-filled” Christians are so divided is because the spirit they are operating under is not from God. The desire for the “Acts 2” spirit was a singular event that was not meant for any other time, and to presume anyone could is an embarrassment before God and shows a lack of respect for the original calling that the apostles had.

More of the falsely perceived, Acts 2 Holy Spirit outpouring won’t solve any of the worlds’ problems. More healings, signs, and wonders will either. We are entering into the prophesied Millennium of Peace, which is a lifestyle based on the TEACHINGS OF JESUS —not the apostles and how they did things after He left.

The differences between the teachings of Jesus (by which we will be judged), and the later teachings and actions of the apostles have not been broached yet in the body of Christ, but is a necessary step, and the only approach that can truly reform Christianity as a whole. Revival using Acts 2 as a model is not a lifestyle. The Millennium based solely on the teachings of Jesus is a lifestyle, and that is the larger picture brother Thompson will soon grasp.

John the Baptist said that Jesus would baptize, i.e., immerse people into a holy spirit or lifestyle, not the third member of the Godhead (look it up). There is only one person who enjoys the fervor and pre-occupation that people are having with unknown tongues, signs, and wonders and that is the same person performing “signs and wonders” by magicians; that’s right, and brother Thompson who lives in Las Vegas would understand this better than anyone else.

What Brother Thompson was shown during his brief vision of the future seven years ago was the profuse deception among so-called “spirit-filled” Christians which is precisely what Jesus said would come. Christians are not yet equipped to do spiritual warfare among their own people (see my title D5).

Well, hello there spiritual prayer warriors, mighty men, and women of God. So much to rejoice over—President Trump was acquitted—praise God, but some other things are happening that are very important. We want to talk about those a little bit, and then after, I talk about what I would deem to be the more public situations, I want to talk about what I consider to be the more spiritual important and impacting.

So a few minutes on this whole thing about the impeachment—by the way pray, for President Trump right now because I can feel the spiritual pressure coming against him. The Bible talks about growing weary in well-doing, and I know he’s getting tired, he’s tired in his heart, tired in his body, he’s getting agitated, he feels very unfairly put upon, and indeed, that is the truth but here’s the point—pray for strength in his heart, in his soul, in his body.

Pray for peace, pray for counselors like his pastors, and others that will minister to him so that he doesn’t get to the point where it turns to anger, and in that agitation, and in the exhaustion, he allows strife to cause him to make poor decisions. We pray that God’s wisdom would be there for him; it’ll be there personally speaking to him in the night, speak to him in the day, but also speak to him through wise counselors praise God.

This whole impeachment thing I didn’t like it, I wish it had never happened, it was all a fabrication that was concocted by those who have been listening to the political spirit of Jezebel on the far left, and the political spirit of Pharisee on the far right, but let me just suggest something to you even though the Lord did not cause it, the Lord used it.

It was in September of last year the Lord told me that He was going to use the impeachment to expose the enemies of His plans and purposes, those who were against the one with the hand of the Lord on him, who was president Trump. He said I need to use this to ferret out publicly,, bring out and expose those who are against Me. So in that sense it had to happen so the exposure would occur.

Now on the far left, we see that as far as the Democrats, you know, the Pelosi squad, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and a host of others that were all caught up in that, and that’s easy to see, but there also was this subversive Judas situation that needed to be exposed, and it wasn’t until the end of this like Romney, Bolton, you know, all of this needed to come to the surface so it could be skimmed up, so it could be addressed and dealt with.

We’ll see how it’s dealt with in the future, but the Lord said they needed to be exposed, and judgment would come, and whatever form He chooses, how it works out, we’ll watch it, and He said that would then bring blessing because if they’re exposed and judged, then it brings the blessing upon the righteous, praise God.

So expect good blessings, lots of blessings going on this year. There’s going to be growth in the economy still, and like I’ve told you before is that while President Trump is in office, and I believe it will be another four years to make all you can, save all you can, give all you can, utilize it because God has purposed these things to bless not only America, and all of the citizens, but the body of Christ, the Believers in America. So do it, use it wisely.

You know one time when the Lord spoke me I was complaining to Him in a sense because some dear people that we had trusted for a while (this was years ago early in the ministry, and all ministers go through this) some people that were close to us, turned against us, stabbed us in the back, gossiped, told lies. I went to the Lord, and I was complaining to Him, and He just spoke to my heart, and He said even I had a Judas, but it didn’t keep me from fulfilling my mission! Oh, yeah, okay.

So these things need to be exposed so that President Trump can go into the next phase of his mission, and what God is using that man for, praise God, so a lot is happening, but realize revival is on the scene now.

That gets me to what I wanted to talk to you about. This absolutely thrills my soul right now; I’m getting overwhelmed just because the Spirit of God is on me to speak with you about two visions because it is about REVIVAL, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, and a MASS, MASS MOVE OF GOD that is being released on the earth even as I record this video.

I want to take you back to June 13th, 2013, I had a vision. Now I didn’t publicly put that vision out until—you can watch this video—it was on September 25th of 2013, and then I repeated it and told more in-depth on June 19th of 2018; the Rainbow Vision.

CK (wife) and I were in Las Vegas on sabbatical, we were in a timeshare, and we spent six weeks there just praying and seeking God for a future, what He wanted us to do (we were still home-based in Oregon at the time) and the Lord caught me away and in a vision. He just took me up into the Heavens, and there was Michael, and while I watched this happen, I looked down, and there was the continental United States. There was a glory cloud, a rainbow cloud, a swirling mass of rainbow colors, that was hovering over and lowering over America, and I knew that it was REVIVAL.

In this exchange with the angel Michael, it became very apparent that there was SPIRITUAL WARFARE GOING ON OVER THAT REVIVAL, and spiritual awakening coming to America. There were strongholds; there were lots of things going on in the spiritual realm; you just got to watch the videos.

My point is this that I asked Michael about it, I said:

“As the angels of God are tearing down those wicked strongholds, and the glory of God, the revival is coming to America, WHY DON’T THEY JUST STAY WIPED OUT, because others WOULD COME BACK?”

And here’s what he said, this is the important part I want you to catch:

“Because of the hearts and mouths of men, my angels and I are more powerful than the fallen ones, BUT THE HEARTS AND MOUTHS OF EVIL MEN, THEIR DEVISED PLANS THAT EMPOWER THEM, I.E., THE FALLEN ONES TO REBUILD.”

So people have the authority, the authority of men, the authority of the human body. Then, of course, there’s the authority of the Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and Third Heaven authority that comes from Him.

And he said they empower, and I realized at that specific time, he was telling me not only people who were not saved but also many Christians were in that group. They were using their heart, their mouths, their authority to oppose God’s purposes, and that revival that was coming. Now listen, he said:

“But see the bigger picture, SOMETHING HUGE IS COMING that will DRAW MILLIONS OF PEOPLE into the Kingdom. This warfare is to prepare for that.”

He talked to me a lot about spiritual warfare intercession, about moving to Las Vegas, establishing this ministry here.

Then he said:

“This part of your assignment is to see it, then to help empower us, God’s angels, to bring it to pass, and we’ll do it together.”

So for seven years CK and I have obeyed the Lord; we’ve been faithful, we relocated to Las Vegas, established our ministry headquarters here. We have been preaching Third Heaven authority, and we have been preaching revival coming, we have been doing all the spiritual warfare training intercessors, doing all of these things, waiting for that which is to come.

Waiting for what all of this preparation was about, all of this warfare was about, and here it was last Friday, 31st of January, the Lord caught me away in the Spirit. Go watch the video (you will catch more than what I’m telling you right now), and he showed me a huge clock in the Heavens, His timepiece, His timetable, and He drew me through the clock and talked to me about President Trump.

He talked to me about the impeachment, He talked to me about a number of those things, and while I was in the clock, this multi-dimensional thing, I looked. I saw the earth spinning, rotating, and then A STREAM OF FACES CAME OFF THE EARTH, and IT GREW BIGGER and LARGER. INNUMERABLE faces, young and old, and every ethnicity and color, JUST HUGE, and then an angel beside me excitedly said:

“Here they come, here they come.”

It was the souls of people being saved, and I knew right then God was telling me this is the same way in the second chapter of Acts, where Peter stood up talking about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and He said “this is that” in the King James Version. Others say, “this is what,” but “this is that” that Joel spoke about, “that in the last days I will pour out of my spirit,” this is what the Lord was saying:

NOW IS THE RELEASE FOR REVIVAL, THE GREAT AWAKENING, now is the time for the souls to come in,

A lot of people say, “What’s next?”

Get ready, get ready, for the greatest revival the earth has ever seen.

Get ready for extraordinary things, and miracles I talked about in the second chapter of Acts when that happened, but you know, by the fourth chapter, they were praying even though there was a lot of persecution, they were praying for boldness and saying, “Lord grant unto your servants boldness that we may preach your word by healing the sick, and signs and wonders, and miracles being performed, proving the power of God.”

We are entering a time where it will be commonplace to see miracles happening in your life, praying for other people, you’ll see them on TV, you’ll see them on the internet, you’ll see them in the public arena. Miracles and people being born again, it’s coming by extraordinary means, and extraordinary methods, and it’s just beginning to ramp up.

That thrills my heart because that’s what I was born for. I’m a warrior, see, CK and I are warriors, but our heart’s desire is souls, souls, souls. Bring them in Lord, bring them in, Lord. The Holy Spirit is being poured out, the answer to all things is now part of the Holy Spirit, and you won’t see that, I’ve got to be honest with you, you won’t see a whole lot of that in the traditional Church.

It didn’t happen in traditionalism in the book of Acts, it hasn’t happened in traditionalism at any point in history of revival up until now, and it’s not going to happen in traditionalism today; it is going to be outside of the sanctuary walls by and large, but inside the sanctuary walls of those groups, those churches, those believers, who have given themselves to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the glory of God, and how it’s going to manifest, like calling and bringing in the Lost.

We are in that day, rejoice in it tomorrow, the evil is sufficient for itself, Paul told the Ephesians. They rejoiced, be emboldened, be Spirit-filled, and tomorrow we’ll keep praying.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ right now, I pray for every single person that’s watching. Oh, I know it. I know it, I saw it Sunday when I was preaching, I saw revival being poured out in Asia, I saw sparks of change in the Church beginning to happen in Great Britain and other parts of Europe. I see things beginning to happen on the continents of Africa, and in South America, but I see it in America, in our homeland.

Lord God, save souls, save souls, and all of the eagles that are out there, Lord God, that have burned with passion in their hearts—victory, victory, victory. And Lord, I ask to release that anointing upon them, for evangelism, and Lord God, we also pray for President Trump, that he would finish the mission that you have placed upon him. We pray for his cabinet, we pray for both houses of Congress, we pray all the way down through our state local governments, that he would superimpose the government of God over the government of man, and Lord, that he would turn this whole thing around, but the most important thing is to save the nation, by saving the people, and bringing them into the Kingdom. If they get saved, they’ll change the nation.

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(Mike Thompson, “Judas Exposed! Next Phase Begins,” YouTube, Feb 7, 2020,