No Rest For The Wicked

No peace for the wicked. Isa. 57:21

The wicked have just learned that God has six ways to Sunday to stick it to them, and now He will continue to tighten the screws. This round of human sacrifice for power from Satan failed! More and more, God will remind the wicked He is boss, with the hope they will repent—even a Satanist can repent.

Hell was recently enlarged in preparation for a mass influx of the wicked, not by God, but by suicide.

We don’t want the wicked on the earth; this world was not made for them. We do hope they will soon turn to God, by repenting, and becoming forgiven for their crimes, serve Jesus Christ, and receive everlasting joy—not more torment:

The gates of hell stand open to receive them ~Mat.16:18

Go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched ~Mark 9:43