The False Prophecies of Bo Polny

On the homepage of Bo Polny’s website, we find:

“No man knoweth the exact ‘DAY’ or ‘HOUR’ of the coming Economic Collapse that changes our world, but do not be shocked, lose FAITH or HOPE, for God the Father is in complete control.”1

Bo has the mindset that the collapse will be a great thing (for those who could store up gold and silver which according to him, is “God’s” commodity) that somehow will punish the Deep State elites. What will become of the poor or middle class faithful he does not address; nor how the financial gymnastics of the elite will be hindered.

When the devil is in power, it’s in “complete control”—NOT GOD, which is where we are right now. There will be no comeback for Trump, no wealth transfer to the righteous, no “all things being restored,” etc., no matter how many fancy charts Bo presents or how many logical thought patterns he finds to justify his prophetic posturing (and there are many).

Biblical Cycle Indicates Trump Returns 2022

Bo Polny False Prophecy Trump Will Return in 2022 (
Bo Polny False Prophecy Trump Will Return in 2022 (

False Issachar Anointing

Bo Polny False Isacaar Anointing (
Bo Polny False Isacaar Anointing (

All Will See His Glory in 2022

All People Will See His Glory (
All People Will See His Glory (

Speaking Tour Dates

Speaking Tour Dates 2 (

Speaking Tour Dates 1 (
Speaking Tour Dates (

Kyle Copeland Made $35,000

Made $35,000 - Kyle Copeland (
Made $35,000 – Kyle Copeland (

New Era 2022

New Era 2022 (
New Era 2022 (


  • Unity, Peace, Joy, Freedom – WRONG
  • A Great Time to be Alive – WRONG
  • A Major Overturning of Mandates, Laws, Shortages, damages to us, and land nullified as if never existed – WRONG
  • God was in control the Entire Time – WRONG
  • This is our HOUR of freedom and restoration – WRONG
  • What we see today will all be removed – WRONG
  • The way we buy and sell is about to change
  • A flood of blessings coming – WRONG
  • Every dirty deal will be brought into the light
  • CNN, Twitter, Facebook, will fall like the walls of Jericho – WRONG
  • THE GREAT EXODUS is upon us, greater than for Israel
  • Wait for “their” destruction, for satan’s plans NEVER work out – WRONG
  • God let satan’s plan go this long to wake us up

Day of Vengeance

Year of  Lord's Favor, Day of Vengeance (
Year of Lord’s Favor, Day of Vengeance (

As I stated in previous blog posts and in the book EXODUS, not one of these prophets foretold the trap at the U.S. Capital which is proof they are being led by a false spirit.

Much of these prophecies could have happened had Trump not failed to secure the nation. Instead, he handed it over to wicked people and they will RULE US WITH NO ONE TO STOP THEM until the Rapture. BUCKLE UP! Pool resources, get out of big cities NOW!!