The Outdated Teachings of Bill Hamon

Sid Roth had on Bill Hamon and was promoting his book The Final Reformation & Great Awakening. Sid gave the following introduction about Dr. Hamon:

“For over 60 YEARS Dr. Bill Hamon has activated and trained over 500,000 people for prophetic ministry. He’s known as the FATHER OF THE PROPHETIC. The wisdom and the revelation he carries is critical and life-changing. God calls it the ISSACHAR ANOINTING.”

That’s very impressive—half a million people trained in his method of ministry! Let’s learn what the “Issachar Anointing” is:

32 And of the children of ISSACHAR, which were men that had UNDERSTANDING of the TIMES, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment. (1 Chronicles 12)

Other translations put it like this:

32 And from the sons of Issakar, knowing wisdom in their times and workers of beautiful works and upright before LORD JEHOVAH, their two hundred Chiefs, and all their brothers, whatever they were saying to them is what they were doing. (1 Chronicles 12 Aramaic Plain English)

Commentators say this:

“And of the children of Issachar . . .–Rather, And of the sons of Issachar (came) men sage in discernment for the times (tempora, critical junctures), so as to know what Israel ought to do; viz., their chiefs two hundred (in number), and all their fellow clansmen under their orders. The old Jewish expositors concluded, from the former part of this verse that the tribe of Issachar had skill in astrology, so that they could read in the heavens what seasons were auspicious for action, as the ancient Babylonians professed to do. But all that the text really asserts is that those men of Issachar who went over to David thereby showed POLITICAL SAGACITY. (Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers)

“that had understanding of the times] Cp. Esther 1:13, ‘which knew the times.’ ‘Times’ are “’opportunities,’ ‘vicissitudes’ (cp. 1 Chronicles 29:30), ‘experiences,’ good or bad (cp. Psalm 31:15). The phrase means, therefore, ‘MEN OF EXPERIENCE, having KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD.’ (Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges)


“So that’s been my SPECIAL ANOINTING on times and seasons.

Final Reformation Believers

“They’re [Final Reformation Believers] going to be so hot for God that the devil can’t handle them. He can’t stop them and they’re not going to stop until the kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and [inaudible] and we’re going to fulfill all scriptures so that Jesus can return. He wants to return. He’s wanted to return for 2000 years but he was held in the heavens till then. But this generation is going to fulfill all things, accomplish all things and bring back the King of Kings.”

“Don’t let anything, devil, man, flesh, fear, don’t let anything hinder you or stop you from being a part and being one of those instruments in God’s hand for this last day and hour. Your reward in heaven is going to depend how much you co-labor with Jesus in fulfilling his third reformation purpose and the church is being prepared for 2000 years and we’re getting ready to see the greatest demonstration of God’s glory ever recorded and the more miracles, signs and wonders.”

“He’s going to manifest his glory in ways that we’ve never seen, signs and wonders. Isaiah where it said, behold I do a new thing.”.


Readers of my previous blog posts will see a similar pattern with others. “We’re going to beat the devil up” and audiences just love braggadocios claims like that. No one would love to see that more than myself, but “when I grew up, I put away childish ways” (1 Cor. 13:11 NLV, ESV).

Our devil is empowered because good people failed to keep bad people in check. It has power because it is given permission to “come into people’s hearts” the same way that Christians give Jesus ownership of their lives (formally or informally).

Saying you’re going to “beat the devil up” is like saying, “I’m going to rob people of their freedom.” Which would be like saying:

“I’m going to go down into Hell, beat-up Satan, and let all the people out.”

Really? The presumption is that Satan is holding people against their will. God keeps a tiddy universe, either you are for Him or you are against Him. The former reside in Heaven, the latter reside in Hell. The choice is ours; it always has been and always will be.

Those whom we choose to serve have:

  1. power over us
  2. receive power from us

Which is important to understand.

To disempower Satan, we must first change the hearts and minds of people so they make a better choice. God is known by other names, including Love. One way for people to unknowingly choose God is to teach them to choose love over hate, kindness over meanness, forgiveness over a grudge—all the things Jesus taught us to do—without mentioning His name.

As they experience a better quality of life, they will naturally, by the law of attraction, find Jesus. Jesus taught nothing radical or new, except to Jews who had developed rigid laws. They needed to hear it’s “better to forgive” etc.

Thus, the approach Dr. Hamon has been teaching for decades has not worked and will never work to bind Satan and bring in the Millennium. It can’t be strong armed, and that’s not how God works.

Regarding him having a special “Issachar anointing” that gives him special insight to times and seasons, he seems to have developed over the years a framework that keeps people believing he has everything identified and figured out, and every decade has a special purpose and name, but it’s never the same. Those all happened in his brief lifetime. Meanwhile, there have been only two phases before him for the last 1900 years! Seems a little egocentric.

Sid Roth has no issue with his stance because they have been friends for decades and it’s one giant echo chamber of the prophetic. A twist here, a tweak there, and everyone has something “new” to share. In truth, they appear to be repeating the same thing with a slightly different spin, which would be fine if it was true and current. 

Back in November before Hamon went on Sid Roth, Our Lord had pulled the plug on Earth, America, President Trump, and all prophecies having to do with divine intervention of behalf of the righteous and against the wicked. He threw the righteous under the bus because He loves the wicked more than the righteous and we should not preach, teach, or prophesy that anybody is going to be doing anything amazing by the glory or power of God—WE’RE ON OUR OWN, for the wicked would RESIST all supernatural attempts to sway them and MOCK both them and God.

Read EXODUS and get up to speed on the true prophetic framework.



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