Troubles Bring Prayers

It’s sad to say, but the times when God hears from us the most are when things are bad. Angels who are assigned to humans rejoice when things go south because they know that’s when people will turn to God and pray. 

Angels are evaluated by how many times the person they ‘re assigned to thinks of or prays to God. Their ratings always improve when things go south because that’s when people will pray or pray more frequently.

Since everything is for the glory of God, and we glorify God when we pray, Heaven rejoices when things get tough for that’s when prayers increase, and God’s glory increases.

How does God feel about all of this? His view is far different from that of mortals who prize their mortality. We’re here to condition our souls, and those who prize the immortality of their souls and act according to its wellbeing will be most in tune with how God feels about tough times.

They will know that sometimes, as a whole, things are good on Earth, and other times they’re not. The wise will pray to God the same under both conditions, for more blessings = more thanks, and more need = more petitions for help

Evening, and morning, and at noon,
will I pray, and cry aloud
–Psalms 55:17

And another angel came and
stood at the altar,
having a golden censer; and
there was given unto him much incense,
that he should offer it with the prayers
of all saints upon the golden altar
which was before the throne.
And the smoke of the incense,
which came with the prayers of the saints,
ascended up before God
out of the angel’s hand.
–Revelation 8:3-4