“D-Day” for us stands for “do or die” time! Question Set One Q. If the Evil One is defeated during the Trump administration (as prophesied by Mark Taylor), when will the IT admit defeat and hand over the earth? Q. If the Deep State is defeated during Trump’s administration, when will THEY admit defeat, come … Read More

Kim Clement Prophecy – June 14, 2014

Introduction There are some prophecies that Believers have been faithfully waiting to see come to pass, which are found throughout the following prophecy given by the late prophet Kim Clement in June of 2014. This prophecy by Kim is very powerful because it contains many prophecies in a short span of a little over 10 … Read More

New Logo Symbol

Visitors have noticed a new symbol on this website and several of my books and have inquired about its meaning. Readers may recall the connection between the Star of David, the open Bible, and a flame of fire in my previous symbol, and know what each of those meant; they are true and as valid … Read More

Bill Johnson Prophecy Warning – Sunday June 10, 2018

The transcript from the YouTube video by Bill Johnson entitled “Bill Johnson prophecy warning – Sunday June 10, 2018” includes a most disturbing statement by Bill Johnson which reads: “It’s not that answered prayers come because of our righteousness—that would never be the case.” —Bill Johnson (see my notes following the YouTube reference) (“Bill Johnson … Read More

God Can Intercept All Humans At Once

The Computer Age has allowed us to see how many things (e.g., computer devices, cell phones, radios, etc.) can be simultaneously connected, and interfaced at the same time, allowing us to conceive how God could interface with all of creation simultaneously, and communicate messages to all of us—at the same time: 33 Did ever people … Read More