The new book Last Testament begins with Arlin’s tour of Israel with Our Lord as his personal guide. What was recorded in his previous title “Land of the Master” has been expanded with additional testimonies and renamed.

On his first night, he slept on the Mount of Olives, and from there, the Lord took him through the old city streets to the Garden Tomb on Good Friday. In the garden, he witnessed how Our Lord came forth from the tomb. Together, they traveled north to Nazareth and the areas surrounding the Sea of Galilee. Arlin saw the correct location of the Mount of Transfiguration and how Elijah and Moses arrived to meet with Jesus in a starship.

The Lord showed him events of His Passion as they occurred in history, confirming the locations of the Temple and Antonia Fortress. Arlin now has confirmations of the Shroud of Turin—that it’s the true Banner of Heaven and the Tent of Isaiah.

Other testimonies include:



TESTIMONY: Last Testament of Jesus Christ by Arlin Ewald Nusbaum
TESTIMONY: Last Testament of Jesus Christ by Arlin Ewald Nusbaum

  • Jesus was buried and resurrected at the Garden Tomb, not the Church of the Holy Sanctuary
  • On Resurrection Morning the Lord was greeted by a welcoming committee including his ancestor King David
  • The place revealed where King David resurrected
  • The spot near Nazareth where Jesus spent years talking privately with His Father in Heaven
  • The location where the townsfolk of Nazareth tried to throw Jesus off a precipice
  • The site where the Lord’s earthly dad Joseph worked and was killed by Herod
  • The location of Jacob’s ladder
  • Enoch is described
  • The Ancient of Days is explained, who he is, and where he will rule from
  • How Our Lord ascended creating a portal over Jerusalem
  • Call to Action against the coming Beast and its new system

SCOTLAND details the trip of Arlin and Tammy to Greece that was interrupted at the Heathrow Airport. All flights were cancelled for a week because of terrorist threats, so they travelled north instead into Scotland, to the famed Rosslyn Chapel, depicted in the ending scene of The Da Vinci Code.

Without former knowledge that its builder was Arlin’s 15th great-grandfather or that he had any family ties to Scotland, there opened to him a total of 10 visions over the span of 2 days, of the past (and future) of Rosslyn, the chapel, and his Sinclair/St. Clair family lineage.



Scotland by Arlin Ewald Nusbaum
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Different teachers were sent over the years to explain the visions, with the last being the Lord Jesus, who taught Arlin the truth regarding whether He married or faked His death.

Readers will also learn the truth about Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, the origins of Freemasonry, and who discovered America, including the precise location and day! They will learn who the enemies are, how the Times of Refreshing were fulfilled, a 20 generation pattern, a Moses parallel, and how Scotland helped fulfill Bible prophecy.

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